Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Left's Double Standard on Women

After taking a slap at Donald Trump for derogatory comments he made last August about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, the Star-Ledger called Trump the “misogynist” the Best GOP candidate for women. Why? The Star-Ledger said:

But his verbal dysentery is not more repugnant than what the other candidates practice in their day jobs; or how they plan to govern women if that electoral majority helps send them to the White House.

What Trump said is not as bad as declaring that abortions must be prohibited even if the mother must die, as Scott Walker did. The Wisconsin governor, a college dropout who has medical expertise to know that there are always "alternatives" in such cases, has also vetoed equal pay, which also tells you about his contempt for women.

What Trump said is not as bad as gutting Planned Parenthood, as Jeb Bush did in Florida, where he took federal money intended for health care and put it into"crisis pregnancy centers," which bombard women with prayer, shame, and assorted quackery.

What Trump said is not as bad as eliminating funding for prenatal care and cancer screenings, then lying about how it was for budgetary reasons, and then gloating about how the cut was really about being pro-life, as Chris Christie has crowed on the campaign trail.

What Trump said is not as bad as Marco Rubio's zero-exceptions abortion orthodoxy – which only one in six GOP voters agree with, by the way, along with zero in six rape victims, probably. You have to be pretty unhinged for Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee to think, "We thought we ran a strict Uterine Control HQ, but we'll step aside for this guy."

I left these comments:

The double standard is glaring.

Apparently, the Star-Ledger believes that women should be free to control the reproductive functions of their bodies, but not free to make spending decisions about their own money or employment compensation decisions with their employers. This contradiction—I would call it hypocrisy—undercuts the Star-Ledger’s alleged “concern for women.”

I agree that abortion should be legal. But the government should not be forcing pay scales on employers and employees (so-called “equal pay for equal work”). Nor should government be forcing people to fund, through their taxes, Planned Parenthood or other “women’s health” schemes. People have as much right to decide for themselves whether to fund Planned Parenthood, how much to agree to work for, and how much to pay their employees as women have to decide whether to abort or not.

You cannot claim to be a supporter of women’s rights if you only support rights selectively. The Star-Ledger is no better than the GOP’s anti-legal abortionists. They’re the pot calling the kettle black.

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Mike Kevitt said...

They're the pot calling the kettle back because they act like they don't know the difference between law & gvt. on the one hand, and crime. It's crime infesting, infecting and displacing law & gvt. They pretend to not see that. But they're smart and educated enough, with thousands of years of history to look at, to know and see it. They choose, by their philosophy and their altruism, to deliberately ignore it and to think and say it's ok and right to commit crime under cover of the guise of law & gvt. The dumber, more ignorant masses supposedly truly don't see it. So they get away with it. Nobody faces them down, publicly, with the spades, which is what we should do, publicly.