Friday, March 14, 2014

Creationists and Climate Change Ideologists: Perfect Together

The New Jersey Star-Ledger latched on to a Pew Research Center poll to equate religionists' rejection of evolution theory with those skeptical of man-made climate change. This is the two-pronged anti-science cabal that dominates the Republican Party, the Star-Ledger asserts.

This shift toward absolutist views doesn’t just threaten the party itself, but the country as a whole. The whole point of science, after all, is to identify an objective reality, independent of political biases. How do you make public policy with people who stand against science itself?

This is a clear attempt to smear critics of the Left's agenda and shut down debate on the subject of climate change, its consequences for man, the extent of human contribution, and the question of what to do about it—which must include an assessment of the value to man of the contributory industrialization, including the use of fossil fuels.

But the real parallel is between the climate change political ideologists and the anti-evolutionists. I left these comments:

Nice trick, equating religious absolutism with rational opponents of climate change political ideology. Climate Change (aka catastrophic, man-made global warming) has itself become a religion. Just take note of how often climate change ideologists point to every weather extreme as evidence of catastrophic climate change; such claims to be taken as gospel, on faith, despite the clear evidence that such extremes have always plagued mankind. Such faith is used to justify a virulent statist "public policy" agenda of the Left—all in the name of "science," the climate ideologists' own version of God. 

As Alex Epstein notes:

"'Science' is perhaps the most abused word in the English language.

"The word used to name the method of Galileo, Newton, and Einstein has also been used to rationalize some of the most destructive political policies in human history, such as socialism and population control. The Nazis invoked the once-renowned 'science' of eugenics to justify a Holocaust of 'scientifically inferior' races."

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