Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Free Market is the Only Rational Alternative to Government "Plans"

In a NJ Star-Ledger letter titled No conservative planJonathan Grotz leveled the usual statist charge that those who oppose ObamaCare have no alternative "plan."

Well, many opponents don't, which opens the door to this kind of charge. In his letter, Grotz praises ObamaCare as a step in the right direction, but concludes with:

"Of course, the rational alternatives would be a public option along the lines of Germany’s system . . . or a single-payer system similar to Canada’s."

I left these comments:

Government control of healthcare is "rational?" Nice bit of Orwellian doublespeak.

The rational faculty is the exclusive function of individual human beings. Governments don't think. Neither do societies. There is no social brain. Any manifestation of socialized medicine necessarily outlaws individuals (including doctors) from acting according to their own rational judgment in regard to healthcare decisions, and puts government bureaucrats in charge of dictating who gets what healthcare, when, at what price, and who pays. When we give up our responsibility to pay for our own healthcare, we give up the freedom to make our own healthcare choices. There's nothing rational about outlawing freedom of rational choice.

The fact that some people have problems paying for their healthcare is not a national problem to be "solved" by dumping all Americans into government controlled healthcare of some kind. Healthcare is an individual responsibility to be solved by individuals through personal choices (which could include seeking or giving voluntary private charity). The government's only job is to protect the rights of all individuals—including consumers, doctors, insurers, healthcare manufacturers, etc.—to manage their own affairs and to contract with each other voluntarily to mutual advantage. The government only steps in when rights are violated, such as in the case of breach of contract (e.g., when and if an insurer refuses to cover a medical condition it contractually agreed to cover).

Any "plan" to socialize medicine is obscenely immoral. We don't need more alternative "plans". We don't need ObamaCare or [an] alternate conservative plan or Germany or Canada or the pre-ObamaCare semi-socialized system. We need to eliminate all such government-imposed plans and intrusions into healthcare so each of us can individually plan for our own healthcare needs. Grotz's implication that only some manifestation of socialized medicine constitutes an "alternative" ignores the only real alternative to any government plan—a fully free market in healthcare.

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Roger said...

There have been plenty of alternative plans offered up by Republicans in the House, some more free-market-oriented than others. Most people just don't know that because the MSM won't mention it.

Michael A. LaFerrara said...

It's true that Republicans have offered alternatives that Democrats and the Leftist media have ignored. The best of these I have seen is by Kansas Senate candidate Dr. Milton Wolf. He calls it PatientCare.