Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Tyranny of Medicare is Built on Altruism

[Below is my reply to a comment posted on Paul Mulshine’s column My generation is kidding itself about Medicare]

TotalStuff posted

Shove it up your opinion! I have a right to the medical care required to keep me alive and the government is going to pay for it.

We are not a dictatorship or a communist country... Compassion outweighs money every-day of the week!

My reply:

“the government is going to pay for it.”

No, taxpayers pay for it.

I’m not sure if TotalStuff’s comment is serious or satirical, but it captures the essence of any socialized program; catering to entitlement and greed. Self-responsible people don’t need or want Medicare or Social Security: They take the initiative to plan for their own senior years. Socialized programs are designed for the sake of the irresponsible, to whom the self-responsible are to be sacrificed.

The “right” to medical care is really the “right” to pick other people’s pockets. When you do it privately, you are a criminal. When the government does it for you, you most certainly do have “a dictatorship or a communist country.” Money—the right to earn it and keep what you earn—is the hallmark of a free society. It’s easy to say “Compassion outweighs money” when the money was created by other people’s sweat and labor. But compassion doesn’t grow out of the barrel of a gun. It grows out of good will.

If you want a demonstration of the ultimate end of altruism, the ethical doctrine that holds self-sacrificial service to the needs of others as the essence of morality, TotalStuff is it—the flip side of the altruist coin—the greedy collector of others’ sacrifices, with government as the distributor.

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