Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Climate Crimes": The Latest Anti-Man Environmentalist Buzzword

When it comes to "green" issues, the Left can suddenly become a champion of free markets.

In an editorial about the Tesla direct-sales ban, the NJ Star-Ledger writes:

The very same governor who just complained that “government’s trying to control the free market” is now stepping in to do so himself. And not only is Christie meddling in the market, kowtowing to special interests and incurring the wrath of almost everyone on the political spectrum, he’s ignoring the effect on the climate.

The plug for free markets and jab at special interest kowtowing is just window dressing, of course. Ignoring the "meddling in the market" that Tesla's many subsidies represent, the Star-Ledger then went on to viciously lambaste Governor Chris Christie for "climate crimes," a reference to the Christie Administration's not-stringent-enough-by-the-Left's-standards efforts to enforce government policies to combat man-made climate change.

Among Christie's "crimes" is his description of climate change as "esoteric" (horrors!), withdrawing NJ from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and a sweeping but vague accusation of "flout[ing] long-standing environmental regulations — an open invitation to polluters," among other things.

I left these comments:

The term "climate crimes" buried in this editorial is another buzzword in the smear arsenal of the environmentalists' campaign against human well-being and survival. It implies that the climate is sacred, and human-caused climate change is evil. But human beings can only survive by altering the raw earth by reason and productive work so as to create an environment conducive to human life. If that work affects the climate, then, according to environmentalist dogma, the sacred climate must take precedence over human life.

There is crime, alright. It is crimes against humanity, and environmentalists are the real perpetrators. Environmentalism's purpose is not cleaner industrialization, as many innocently suppose. Its purpose is to stop it; to protect the raw environment against human survival and well-being, by means hampering man's ability to improve the human environment, which has made our lives longer, healthier, more enjoyable, and less prone to climate catastrophes than ever before. Exhibit "A": the Pinelands Commissions ruling against the natural gas pipeline.

The Pinelands Commission was formed after the state government seized control of an allegedly environmentally fragile area of NJ called the "Pine Barrens." The commission's job is to "preserve, protect, and enhance"—i.e., restrict development of—the Pinelands. It recently ruled against the construction of a natural gas pipeline through the region, a decision that Governor Christie and Democratic Senate President Stephen Sweeney are fighting to overrule.

One final note: It's comical that the editors beat the drum for Tesla Motors based on the Tesla car's supposedly climate-friendly zero carbon emissions. As Alex Epstein pointed out in a Forbes column, the Tesla is more accurately called "a nice fossil fuel car" because of the fossil-fueled electricity production required to manufacture the car and charge its batteries. 

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