Saturday, November 21, 2020

QUORA *: ‘Does capitalism reinforce or lessen the separation of classes?’

QUORA *: ‘Does capitalism reinforce or lessen the separation of classes?

I posted this answer:

There are no classes in a capitalist--that is, fully free--society. No one is locked into a caste from which he cannot escape. Under capitalism, the rights of all individuals to live peacefully--to take whatever actions economically and intellectually one deems necessary to the furtherance of one's well-being--are fully protected by the government. The only condition of this freedom is to respect the same rights of others to live by their judgement, and to deal with others only on a voluntary, consensual basis--or peacefully go their separate ways, agreeing to live and let live. This is accomplished by banning aggressive (or intiatory) force from human relationships, including relations between private citizens and government officials.

Of course, given the individual diversity of humanity in terms of ability, ambition, interests, moral character, personal circumstances, and so on, there will be a wide diversity of individual economic and social outcomes. But that is the natural consequence of a free society. But no one is preordained or “locked in” to any particular outcome. Thus, there are no classes under capitalism.

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Mike Kevitt said...

"Does capitalism reinforce or lessen the separation of classes?"

I want to answer this question without being influenced by anybody else's answer. So, I haven't read this posting yet. If there were any comments already, I would not read then yet.

Capitalism neither reinforces nor lessens the separation of classes. Under capitalism, only individuals do that, in their own lives, ONLY. Capitalism is neutral. It never respects or disrespects classes. It has nothing to do with classes. Under capitalism, only individuals might, by their own choice do that, then only in their own private lives. Capitalism, by law, prohibits them from forcing others about it, and capitalism, by law, prohibits government from forcing anybody about it. Capitalism, by law, is neutral. The essence of capitalism, the system of unalienable individual rights by law, is neutrality about everything, except initiatory physical force.

All other systems of central control of human relations by physical power are outside capitalism, the system of unalienable individual rights by law. So, they at least tend to, if not fully, reinforce or lessen the separation of classes by FORCE, as "sanctioned" by codes. These codes are not laws in any way. They are criminal plans, wrought by criminals. (All laws are codes, but not all codes are laws.)

Codes under capitalism are laws, so they truly sanction neutrality of government about everything except initiatory force, and truly sanction the private choices of all individuals about classes, and about everything, in there own private lives.

I will now read this posting and any other comments which might come up.

Mike Kevitt said...

I have now read this posting. I find complete consistency between it and my comment, above.

principled perspectives said...


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