Thursday, November 8, 2018

QUORA: ‘How can I make communism more feasible in our society?’

I posted this answer:

You can. In fact, it already is so long as you renounce the use of political power--government force--and seek only voluntary consent from others. See my answer to “Can you start a purely communist society in the US?” The answer is yes, any time you want. Think of the hippie communes in America, or the Israeli Kibbutz. They are examples of voluntary communism. Americans have never had a problem with such arrangements. It is the imposition of communism by force and violence on people who don’t want it--Marxism--that will never be feasible (acceptable) in our society. So, go ahead. Start your communism. Just leave government out of it. Any other method is the method of a gangster.

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The saga of The Twentieth Century Motor Company in Atlas Shrugged, in which the company founder’s heirs implemented the Marxist principle, “From Each According to His Ability, to Each According to his Need.” Parts one, two, and three.

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Mike Kevitt said...

Any sort of collectivism, under the confines of unalienable individual rights, by law backed by physical power, is ok. Under such confines, entry into a collective is not forced, but done by mutually voluntary process (I hold the explanation of that at bey, here), and exit happens at the desire of one or the other, or both, parties, with any civil details worked out, but it happens, by force, which is civil, not criminal: a member can leave at his will; the collective can expel him at its will. Period. The general form of corporation is a good example of such a collective. Read, In Defense of the Corporation, by Robert Hessen. If it had been done right, New Harmony, Indiana, might still be going great guns, today.