Monday, September 19, 2016

Dem's Economic Authoritarianism Outweighs GOP's Social Authoritarianism

The New Jersey Star-Ledger blasted the Republican Party’s social conservative credentials, arguing in an editorial that the GOP's anti-LGBT platform will make America less great again.

I left these comments, somewhat edited for clarity:

I have long believed that the Republican Party’s being held captive by the social/religious conservatives has held the party back. Though the GOP has traditionally leaned toward economic liberty (more or less, at least in theory), that pro-liberty message has been undercut by its social authoritarianism. That’s a major reason why I’m an Independent.

But liberty has been winning in the social arena. The big threat to America today is not the GOP’s social authoritarianism but the Democrat’s economic authoritarianism.

From a pro-liberty perspective the Republican Party platform leaves much to be desired. But the Democrat Party platform is catastrophic. The Democrats have lurched more heavily toward statism and nihilism than ever before. The Dems have been captured by environmentalist witch doctors who would sacrifice human energy needs to the climate gods and radical neo-communist egalitarians who value economic equality over individual rights, political equality, and economic progress.

If their platform recommendations are adopted, the Democrats will double down on their war on reliable, economical energy, in the form of going 50% “green” energy  within 10 years and elimination of fossil fuels by 2050; accelerate their war on individual human diversity and achievement, in the form of an anti-economic inequality crusade; ratchet up their war on free speech and intellectual freedom, in the form of federalizing the blatantly fascist state Democrat AGs United for Clean Powerprosecutorial assault on ExxonMobil and numerous intellectual institutions who dissenting from the Left’s climate catastrophist dogma under cover of “fraud”. There's plenty more wrong with the Democrat Party, including their deliberate mis-identification of the causes of the 2008-09 financial crisis and Great Recession—blaming private business rather than government “affordable housing” crusades—for the purpose of rationalizing the massive regulatory expansion over the economy generally and finance in particular.

If the Democrat Party were still led by “Old Left” liberals like Scoop Jackson, JFK, Patrick Moynahan, and Joe Lieberman, a Democrat victory wouldn’t be so worrisome. I could easily envision myself “voting my conscience” by abstaining or going third party rather than vote for Trump for president. But the modern New Left Democrats stand clearly with collectivism, tyranny, and regression. Their agenda is economically destructive and immoral. Therefore, as my conscience now dictates, I will almost certainly vote Trump and straight Republican in November. The Democrats must be kept out of power even at the price of a Trump Administration, lest we slide even faster toward fascist-style socialism.

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Mike Kevitt said...

If the Democrats take the White House, They'll also have the Supreme Court. They won't even need the Senate, then. Could a Republican Senate get away with not considering any Supreme Court nominees, and let the Supreme Court go down to, maybe, 5 justices, hopefully at least 3 conservatives? With the White House and the Supreme Court in the hands of Democrats (or 'progressives'), we'll be cooked. Either a day of reckoning will come within 4 years, or 1,000 years of history will need to be repeated.