Monday, May 2, 2016

2016 Earth Day Activism

Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, posted an Earth Day guest column in the New Jersey Star-Ledger asking Is your presidential candidate pro-Earth Day?

I didn’t even read the piece. I’ve read enough of Tittel’s material to know where he stands. I stand on the opposite side, so I left these comments:

We should be celebrating Industrialization of the Earth Day to offer gratitude to the people and industries that exploited the planet’s raw materials to transform the hostile, danger-filled natural environment into a humanized environment suitable to clean, safe, comfortable, flourishing, prosperous human living.

No industry deserves greater gratitude than the fossil fuel industry, the undisputed leader in reliable, affordable energy, the industry of industries. The vilification of this life-giving industry is one of the greatest injustices ever perpetrated by man against man.

Earth Day is the “holiday” of the “Mother Earth” worshiping witch doctors, whose standard of moral value is unaltered and unalterable nature. Industrialization of the Earth Day is the future holiday of true progressives whose standard of moral value is the good of human life—and who recognize that transforming the Earth through industry and technology, not preserving Earth in its dehumanized natural state, is the supreme value to be pursued and valued.

We face a choice: unaltered nature as the moral ideal, leading to increasing restrictions on our lives, or human well-being as our moral ideal, leading to renewed economic and industrial progress. Earth Day truly represents The Anti-Industrial Revolution. I’ll be looking for a presidential candidate that most represents the spirit of Industrialization of the Earth Day.

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