Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Climate Change Alarmists Ignore Life-Giving Fossil fuel Contributions

A letter titled Effective government action needed to avoid catastrophe, published in the Hunterdon County Democrat, had this to say about "the most serious threat we’re facing, which is climate change":

Some politicians refuse to acknowledge that climate change exists. I’m not sure whether this is due to an inadequate science education or indebtedness to financial contributions from the fossil fuel industry, whose reach is now also felt locally. The Hunterdon County Democrat has reported that ExxonMobil contributed money to the Lambertville school district for science education, and they have given money for science classes in Milford.

What is not reported is that ExxonMobil has also supported groups working to deny climate change. Is it right to take money for science programs from a company that suppresses and denies an urgent, unprecedented scientific problem?

Unfortunately, the largesse of the heavily subsidized fossil fuel industry decreases our chances of getting governmental leadership to resolve this complex issue.

I posted these comments:

The real catastrophe will occur if government takes action to "avoid catastrophe." Earth's natural environment is misery and death to human beings. That's why humans employ technology to alter the environment to improve it for human habitation. Industrialization, driven primarily by energy supplied by the fossil fuel industry, has vastly improved the planet, leading to longer, healthier, cleaner, more prosperous lives for human beings.

If, before the industrial revolution, we had Rankin-Baransky's kind of "effective governmental action" so as not to "ruin the planet for future generations," we'd still have grinding mass poverty, 50% child mortality rates, and a life span of 35 years.

Let's also clear up some of the myriad fallacies in this letter. The fact that Exxon-Mobil generously funds science education doesn't prove that the education is false. The fact that the highly politicized IPCC issues computer model-driven statements proves nothing. And who, exactly, "denies climate change"—an ever on-going natural process? And where is the "heavily subsidized fossil fuel industry?" It doesn't exist [Click here and here]. The only subsidies any oil company receives is for the ethanol scam, which should be repealed, along with the real subsidies doled out to wind and solar companies. The fossil fuel industry is highly profitable, thanks to the life-giving, valuable products we voluntarily buy from them. It needs and receives no subsidies, politicians lies to the contrary.

The fossil fuel industry largely powers the technologies that bring us "clean air, food and water." Without fossil fuels, human beings would still be at the mercy of natural disasters, as peoples still are in non-industrialized third world countries.

The fossil fuel industry is an heroic industry, and the hysterics who push for curbs on carbon emissions are pushing for curbs on human life. Here's my proposition to them: If you want to "reduce your carbon footprint," fine—reduce your own. But leave those of us who love life alone. Keep your government coercion out of it. Live and let live.

When I read this letter, a column by Alex Epstein came to mind; A Leading Climate Scientologist Masks ignorence with Appeals to Authority. Epstein offers this advice: Never accept Climate Scientology from anyone, no matter what their credentials. Be a Climate Thinker instead. Anyone who wants you to agree with them owes you an explanation.

There seems to be an epidemic of Climate Scientology letters getting published these days. If you've read one, you've read them all.

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