Saturday, August 25, 2012

Eugene Robinson's Distortion of Ayn Rand

Correcting distortions of Ayn Rand's thought is an ongoing project for Objectivists, and will continue to be; especially through this election and well beyond if Romney manages to win the election. My latest post at The Objective Standard blog is another example. Here is the opening paragraph:

In a Washington Post article, Eugene Robinson falsely asserts that Ayn Rand “equated capitalist success with moral virtue,” and he claims that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ascribe to this allegedly Objectivist outlook. This view, according to Robinson, also entails “disdain” for “the working class,” who, not being “capitalists,” “don’t contribute and don’t count.”

Find out where Robinson is wrong by reading Eugene Robinson's Disdain for the Working Class, and Distortion of Ayn Rand.

Craig Biddle has a good follow-up to my post, titled Open Letter to Paul Krugman re Intellectual Impotence, Inflation, and Ayn Rand. He notes Krugman's employment of the argument from intimidation—the attempt to substitute psychological pressure for rational argument, among other things.

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