Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Commentary 38- Guilty Without a Trial

I have previously stated that Capitalism is repeatedly blamed for the failures of government policy. E.J. Dionne, a widely read left wing columnist, has declared in a recent piece that “capitalism is ailing.” In a brazen act of context-dropping, Mr. Dionne looks around, sees economic problems, and declares that free markets are at fault without any reference to the role that our massively intrusive government might have played. I have responded strongly to this classic statist ploy. Here are a few excerpts:

Mr. Dionne is attacking a straw man. Capitalism and free markets don’t exist today, except in bits and pieces here and there. Massive government intervention and control in our lives now approaches or exceeds the elements of freedom that still exist.

Today, it is not the distorted and shackled free market remnants, but ever-growing government interventions in private economic decision-making that has failed. Yet, Mr. Dionne and other statists blame free market capitalism, then call for even wider government powers to close whatever “loopholes” of freedom still exist.

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Donna said...

I just read your 4th of July post and could not agree more. It struck me because I was just having a conversation tonight with my husband about a family of 4 grown sons who all seem to have a sense of entitlement that I am seeing more and more. It is becoming a unique challenge to raise children to have independent spirits and minds and refreshing to meet others who want the same. I could go on and on about this subject but rather will say that I enjoy reading your blog. Even when I don't agree, your perspectives get me thinking. You would make a great teacher. By the way, I am a friend of Sue's and love your granddaughter's!

Mike Zemack said...

Thank you, Donna, for the kind comments. A primary purpose of mine is to inspire the broadest thinking and debate and to challenge our most basic assumptions. To appeal to people like you, in other words. It is with my six grandchildren in mind also that I publish this blog, as I want to do my small part in spreading the ideas that would lead to the kind of world that they deserve to grow up in. Sue is lucky to have a friend like you.