Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Anti-Free Speech, from All Sides

Donald Trump reportedly called for the jailing of American flag burners. The New Jersey Star-Ledger correctly called Trump out on this and other indications of Trump’s hostility to free speech and the First Amendment. In Trump's suppression of free speech is worse than burning flags, The Star-Ledger concluded:

These are all attempts to delegitimize - and even criminalize - political opinion he doesn't share. . .

We cannot dismiss such reflections, ignorant though they may be. It's not nonsense. It's alarming.

But the Star-Ledger is telling only half the story. I left these comments:

Don’t forget Trump’s antitrust threat against Amazon in retaliation for criticism from The Washington Post, which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns.

Everything said here is true. Trump is no friend of free speech, and it’s scarey.

But we can’t forget the equally alarming assault on free speech coming from the Democrats.

Democrats from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton have pledged to overturn Citizens United through a constitutional amendment, thus neutering the First Amendment by sharply curtailing private citizens’ freedom of political activism through voluntary associations. Worse, the cabal of Democrat State Attorneys General calling themselves “AGs United for Clean Power” are using their prosecutorial powers to silence dissenters to the Left’s climate change catastrophist agenda, setting a horrifically dangerous precedent in America. These are no different from Trump’s “attempts to delegitimize - and even criminalize - political opinion he doesn't share.”

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