Tuesday, January 7, 2014

ObamaCare Supporters vs. Opponents: Who Are the Real "Deniers"?

A letter titled Health care ‘deniers’ by Ellen Chmiel appeared in the NJ Star-Ledger. It said, in part:

    Rationing? We have that now via insurance companies.
    Best health care in the world? Only if we can afford it. And statistics prove it is not the best because other countries do it more inexpensively and better.

Her use of the word "denier" is a direct reference to Nazism. I'll address that tomorrow. I left these comments:

Since honesty is your theme, Ellen, let's "test it out," as Obama would say.

"Rationing? We have that now via insurance companies."

Wrong. Rationing implies a central authority to dictate who can get what healthcare and when. Only a government can ration, because only a government has a gun; i e., the power of law. Private insurance companies have no such power. If insurance doesn't cover something, you are still free to seek that healthcare on your own in direct voluntary contract with doctors.

"Best health care in the world? Only if we can afford it."

And the vast majority of people can and do. And if you can't afford it, does this give you the "right" to force others to provide it to you? Not in a civil society, where if you can't afford something you turn to private help or do without, but your need doesn't give you a license to steal. But ObamaCare does. It's all about forced redistribution of wealth, via taxpayer subsidies and forced higher insurance premiums on others. (Of course, healthcare is much more expensive than it should be because of the government-imposed third-party-payer system.)

Furthermore, in addition to our healthcare dollars, ObamaCare—which by the way, all but the totally clueless few knows is the "Affordable Care Act"—establishes the means and power for government officials to gain total control over our healthcare. Already, dictatorial government bureaucrats have imposed over 10,000 pages of new healthcare regulations on providers and insurers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. ObamaCare is just getting started. You want real rationing, where you can't get the healthcare you need under any circumstances unless a government official approves it? Get ready. It's coming.

The only "denier" here is you, Ellen: You want to deny others the freedom and moral right to control their own wealth and healthcare.

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