Friday, August 2, 2013

Epstein Rebuts "Gasland II's Luddite Slander of 'Fracking'"

The hydraulic fracturing revolution is driving an energy production boom that will enable America to surpass Saudi Arabia to become the world's number one hydrocarbon producer, make America an energy exporter, and turn North America into "the new Middle East." 

Yet, enemies of this life-serving technology abound. Alex Epstein rebuts the claims of one of its leaders, Josh Fox, in his article Gasland II's Luddite Slander of "Fracking" Is The Latest Technophobe Attack On Progress. Epstein not only provides a good argument in favor of Fracking, but provides a wealth of links to articles rebutting the claims of the films Gasland and Gasland II.

It should be noted that the makers of the "Gasland" series and their ilk are not looking to expose technological problems with fracking, which do exist—mostly from the misuse of the technology—for the purpose of getting the problems fixed. They are calling for a total, indefinite ban on fracking, without any consideration for the benefits of fracking or the importance of fossil fuels to human well-being.

Alex Epstein is an energy philosopher, communications consultant, Founder and President of the Center for Industrial Progress, and head of the I Love Fossil Fuels Campaign. This article, as well as his other work, are good resources for those who want intellectual ammunition to counter the environmentalist crusade against the abundant, affordable, reliable energy in which our industrial civilization and standard of living depend.

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Mike Kevitt said...

All tech. can have problems. All tech can be misused. That's always been true, is, and always will be. The problem 'environmentalists' want to solve is: How can we get our claws on all physical power, to rule permanently?