Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Clean" Energy Companies, not "Fossil Fuel Bosses," Need Political Favors to Compete

On July 28, the New Jersey Star-Ledger editorialized in House GOP Bows to Fossil Fuel Bosses that:

[The cutting of the clean energy subsidies] is the work of the fossil fuel industry, which has Republicans by the throat, gives them much more money and does not want to see new technologies threaten its business model. 
Renewable energy is getting cheaper, and the use of wind and solar power has been growing. But so has the use of fossil fuels, backed by a powerful industry.

As if consumers have nothing to do with it. As I've previously noted, "The "power" of the fossil fuel industry comes directly from our willingness to buy their products because they improve our lives and, whether we care to admit it or not, vastly improve the earth's environment."

The use of fossil fuels is growing because they are amazing sources of energy—cheap, abundant, powerful. Consumers buy fossil fuels because they enhance their lives. Fossil fuel companies should be cheered for the enormous, life-serving enrichment they bring to the lives of billions of people. They deserve our thanks, not snide inferences to being favor-seeking industrial parasites like the taxpayer-subsidized "clean" energy companies. Oil, gas, and coal companies don't need politicians' help in competing against solar and wind technologies. Their much more economical and reliable fossil fuel products "speak" for themselves.

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