Friday, April 12, 2013

"Blaming" Arms Manufacturers for "Stymieing" Gun Control Legislation

This letter appeared in the NJ Star-Ledger on April 10, 2013:

Don’t blame the NRA   The issue of background checks for gun purchases and the stymieing of reasonable legislation by weak politicians is not the NRA.   The real culprits are arms manufacturers, pouring millions into the their NRA hand-puppets. The companies and executives who make and sell assault rifles, armor-piercing bullets and high-capacity magazines need to be called out by name.   No way could simple yearly dues from NRA members fund the revenue stream that has the Washington politicians quaking in their knickers at the thought of speaking out in opposition to the NRA.Tom Carroll, Annandale

I left these comments:

 RE: Don't Blame the NRA

Arms manufacturers are "real culprits" for disagreeing with you, Tom? Don't they have the right to spend their own money advocating for their ideas? Doesn't the NRA leadership have minds of their own? Don't those "weak politicians"? 

You're guilty of ad hominem, Tom. You personally attack your opponents, rather than intellectually defend the "reasonable legislation." Who spends what on whom is irrelevant. The merits of the issues is what matters. Evasion is cowardly. Stop evading, and tell us why you think the gun control legislation is right.

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