Sunday, December 20, 2015

Islamic Imperialism vs. Gun Control

One of the most obnoxious responses to the San Bernardino massacre, which at this writing appears to be a Jihadist Islam-generated attack, is the Left’s virtually uniform outcry for more gun control laws. After ridiculing Republicans’ calls for prayers for the victims (Terror or not, let's get the assault weapons), the New Jersey Star-Ledger writes:

There's nothing wrong with thoughts and prayers, and people say anything when submerged in the dark of self-loathing. But many of them should pray for forgiveness for doing nothing, or at least re-read James 2:17: "Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

In other words, prayer should be accompanied by good works – such as removing .223 caliber assault rifles from the streets, because AR-15s become especially troublesome when they are used by "possible" terrorists.

Until then, these platitudes are something you say after being emasculated by NRA money and neutered by political cowardice.

You may note that these are the same people who clutch their pearls as they speak of the dangers they feel from foreign terrorism.

Yet here's the official body count: Before Wednesday, only 24 Americans have been killed by terrorism in the last decade, but more than 280,000 have been killed by guns.

But we don't hear our so-called leaders sounding any alarms about preventing lunatics from shooting up churches, college campuses, elementary schools, movie theaters, and medical facilities. We hear thoughts and prayers.

I left these comments:

Just the fact that the Left can raise the issue of domestic crime and gun control in the context of Islamic terrorism proves that, from President Obama down to the Star-Ledger, the Left simply doesn’t take national security seriously.

America and the West is faced with an imperialist Islamic movement that aims to subjugate the world under totalitarian theocracy by means of a militant merger of political power and religion and based upon an ultra-conservative, fundamentalist understanding of the Quran. This movement has many faces; ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran and its terrorist proxies, factions in Saudi Arabia, and others. But it is one movement. One force.

Currently, Jihadist Islam is militarily weak. That’s why its main weapon against the West is terrorism. But Jihadist Islam is brimming with confidence, ideologically. It’s confident, faithfully sure in its beliefs, has no doubt about the historic inevitability of ultimate victory, knows what it is doing, and relentlessly carries out its mission. They know exactly what they are doing and why. Jihadist Islam can project its power around the world without aircraft carriers or bombers. Their primary ability to project power is their ideology.

These are not “crazies.” These are not mentally ill loners that gun control laws can stop. Jihadist Islam’s soldiers are not domestic criminals. This is not a criminal law issue. This is a military matter. Only a determined and overwhelming military defeat of not just ISIS but Jihadist imperialist Islam and its state sponsors, in conjunction with an explicit olive branch to reformation-minded Muslims, can end the growing carnage. Short of this, the carnage will grow. A single WMD attack on a major American city will dwarf that meaningless 280,000 domestic gun death statistic.

It’s true that conservatives’ faith and prayer won’t cut it in the fight to prevent future San Bernardinos or stem the increasing domestic security threat from murderous Jihadist Islam. But neither will the Left’s small-minded, quasi-religious belief and hope in gun control. Only reason, courage to face facts, moral certainty, intellectual confidence in the superiority of liberal Western values over primitive, oppressive Islam, and willingness to use our military as necessary can kill the confident momentum and inspiration that feeds recruitment to the Jihadist cause and ultimately defeat the growing threat from imperialist, totalitarian, Jihadist Islam.

Let’s separate domestic crime and civil law from national security, and get serious.

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