Monday, July 20, 2015

Without Pipelines, Most of Today’s jobs Wouldn’t Exist

The economic impact study released by PennEast Pipeline Company, which seeks to build a natural gas pipeline through Pennsylvania and New Jersey, drew several critical comments from pipeline opponents. (See my last post for my take on the report.)

One commenter, Kenneth Collins, wrote:

I challenge the Drexel University people who prepared this alleged "study" to show us proof that ANY gas pipeline supported as many jobs and stimulated as much economic activity as they claim the PennEast would. This "study" is ridiculous.  

I replied:

You want proof? Just open your own eyes. Name one aspect of our lives that doesn’t depend on reliable, plentiful, on-demand, economical energy such as the kind provided by the 305,000 miles of existing nat-gas transmission pipelines? Without this energy, there would be no jobs or economic activity, except for the sun-up to sun-down, backbreaking, hand-to-mouth labor of pre-industrial existence.


And the pattern of fossil fuels powering the alleviation of poverty continues unabated.

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