Thursday, April 30, 2015

Earth Day: CIP’s Alex Epstein NJ vs. the Sierra Club's Jeff Tittel

On Earth Day, New Jersey Sierra Club director Jeff Tittel posted a guest column in the New Jersey Star-Ledger titled On Earth Day, a call to hold N.J.'s elected officials responsible to protecting the environment. Included in Tittel’s column is:

Thousands of people throughout New Jersey have come out opposing pipelines, not just in their communities but in environmentally sensitive areas of the state.

Tittel is a leader in the Environmentalist Movement’s jihad on pipelines. Environmentalists view pipelines as a leading battleground in their fight to kill the fossil fuel industry.

I left this counterpoint in the comments section:

If you listen to Environmentalists, you’ll get a completely biased, irrationally prejudicial view of industrialization and particularly fossil fuels. The jihad against pipelines is a prime example. Despite the fact that natgas and petroleum pipelines—all 2.6 million American miles of them—deliver most of the energy that our lives depend on, all you hear about are the negatives and risks. You’ll never hear about the much more massive positives of those pipelines.

By the way, the “Thousands of people throughout New Jersey [who] have come out opposing pipelines” include plenty of NIMBY hypocrites who spout environmentalist dogma to rationalize their hypocrisy. I wonder how many of them will feel when their electricity goes off and their gasoline stations run dry when the pipelines passing through other communities are shut down.

For balance and objectivity, try this for an alternative, pro-human life view of how we should think of the environment on Earth Day:

[Alex Epstein is the president and founder of the Center for Industrial Progress]

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