Sunday, September 28, 2014

Is ObamaCare "Working"?

Is ObamaCare “working"? Yes, claims ObamaCare cheerleader the New Jersey Star-Ledger. In N.J. benefits from Obamacare more than other states, the Star-Ledger—citing, among other “facts,” a large drop in NJ’s uninsured—argues:

All those doomsday scenarios that Republicans spun about the Affordable Care Act have one thing in common: None of them has happened.

I left these comments:

If pointing to beneficiaries is the standard of what “works”, then every dictatorship that ever existed worked.

But the ends don’t justify the means. Keep in mind that the newly insured are subsidized by money stolen from others via higher insurance premiums or government subsidies (taxpayers). More than 80% had insurance before ObamaCare. All ObamaCare did was create a new class of government dependents and empower a whole new class of bureaucrats to regulate all of our healthcare choices.

Also, keep in mind that all of the problems in pre-ObamaCare American healthcare were caused by government intervention into the market. E.G.: The pre-existing conditions problem came about because government tied insurance to employment via discriminatory tax policy that favors employers, so an insured loses his insurance on changing jobs. E.G.: The soaring cost of insurance was largely driven by insurance mandates that force people to buy coverages they don’t need, want, or can afford. Yet Obama didn’t correct these government policies. He simply doubled down on those failed policies, rather than legalize real health insurance.

Like the story of the fireman who starts fires, and then plays the “hero” who saves property and lives, ObamaCare is a government “fix” for government-created problems—except it’s not even a fix. It’s merely a further consolidation of political control over our healthcare.

ObamaCare is not working by any moral, rights-respecting standard worthy of a country Founded on the principle of individual rights and limited, right-protecting government.

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