Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Who is morally responsible for the deaths of innocents in Gaza?"

In a war in which the aggressor and the defender is clear, who is morally responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians? Craig Biddle answers this question in a TOS blog post. Here is the opening paragraph:

The fact that the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas in its Gaza-based war against Israel is the aggressor and aims to destroy Israel and kill all Jews living there could not be clearer. Amid the mountains of evidence supporting this are the fact that Hamas’s founding covenant explicitly calls for the obliteration of Israel and the death of all Jews; the fact that Hamas has launched thousands of rockets from Gaza into Israel; the fact that Hamas has built a vast network of tunnels from Gaza into Israel for use in killing or abducting Israelis; the fact that Hamas produces and airs children’s television shows encouraging children to kill Jews; and the fact that Hamas regularly announces that it aims to “exterminate” all the Jews in Israel. There are many more supporting facts, but these few are sufficient to make the preliminary point.

The issue I’d like to address here is related and equally clear: Who is morally responsible for the deaths of innocents in Gaza, such as Gazan children, who are killed by Israeli bombs?

There is a lot of moral equivocating between Israel and its Islamist enemies. To the equivocators, consider this:

  • If Israel’s enemies laid down their weapons, what would be the result?
  • If Israel laid down its weapons, what would be the result?

The answer to these questions is obvious to any semi-conscious person: to the first question, the answer is peaceful coexistence; to the second, Holocaust 2.

Enough said.

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