Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Smoking Collectivist Gun Behind the Welfare Statists' Bleeding Hearts

Under the NJ Star-Ledger editorial For Obamacare enrollment in NJ, it's crunch time, a correspondent calling himself busrider commented:
    I am struck by the bitter response to this S-L editorial. After all, all you are saying is that we need to cooperate with President Obama's plan to care for the health of all Americans. And yes, as we get health insurance for all of us we will have to pay for it. And yet many argue that you are selling us down the river because you advocate health insurance for all and medical care for all as we try to deal with our human infirmities.
    No human effort is perfect. But Obamacare is a lot better than nothing which is what we have traditionally had for many Americans. I guess no good deed shall go unpunished.
    PS. Let me warn you. If you continue to publish editorials like this which show you actually care about human life I will immediately continue to subscribe to the "Star-Ledger."

Advocates of government coercion always justify these programs on collectivist grounds. To justify them based on facts of reality—as they apply to actual individual human beings—is to expose their utter disdain for others' rights. I left this reply:

Keep in mind that when busrider and his ilk speak of "we", they mean "we, c'est moi." Anyone who disagrees is to be excommunicated from "we", and forced into submission to the "we"—by law. "By law" means by force, at gunpoint. Keep that gun in mind when you consider busrider's call to "cooperate," as if cooperation is possible with someone holding a gun on you. The law should protect us from criminals. When law is used as a tool of aggression, it ceases to be valid law. That is ObamaCare, a tool of aggression.

Who the hell is busrider to speak for anyone but himself? People who claim the right to force their values on others can not claim to "care about human life." They can not speak of "good deeds." They can not claim one thread of moral legitimacy. Caring and cooperation end where a gun begins. ObamaCare is force, and nothing more. It violates the first principle of cooperation; voluntary consent of all concerned. It is therefore immoral at its core.

Bitterness? You bet. Bitterness and scorn are all that collectivists like busrider deserve. "Selling us down the river"—or, more precisely, selling our liberty and our wealth down the river—is precisely what they are doing.

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