Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Citizens Climate Lobby" Turns to Force to Protect Nature at Human Expense

A recent letter responded to a NJ Star-Ledger editorial titled The march of climate change. The editorial promoted the government funded National Research Council's report on the climate. My post regarding this editorial was posted in December.

The letter was submitted by David Korfhage, the Montclair group leader of an outfit affiliated with something called the Citizens Climate Lobby. The letter was titled Climate needs our optimism and energy.

The Citizens Climate Lobby, writes Korfhage, is dedicated to pressuring "our leaders . . . to step up to their responsibility" to do something about climate change. He concludes, "We have the technology. We have the policies. We know our responsibility. Now we just need to make sure we have the political will."

If we don't exercise our "political will," he warns, "nature will make itself heard."

I left these comments:

Yes, "nature will make itself heard"—as it always has. And until very recently, historically speaking, humans were at nature's mercy.

Fossil fuels, and to a lesser extent nuclear and hydro-electric, have provided the cheap, plentiful, reliable energy needed to drive the industrialization that has transformed the hostile natural environment into a clean, healthy, comfortable, life-extending human environment. Today, humans have the means to protect themselves against nature's hostility. But we need the energy to do it.

You claim that "We have the technology. We have the policies. We know our responsibility. Now we just need to make sure we have the political will."

If Citizens Climate Lobby and other climate worshipers have the technology to replace the reliability of fossil fuel energy, then take responsibility and prove it. Forget "political will," which means guns. How about your free will? Develop and market your technology on the free market, where you need to demonstrate its practicality and convince people to voluntarily embrace it. Who will stop you? Then, we'll see if your wind and solar and whatever allegedly "renewables" you can conjure up works and can replace the reliability and affordability of fossil fuels. If you really do have the technology, you won't need to take the cowardly route and demand that legislators impose it by law (as if it is even possible that the whims of politicians can miraculously make it happen).

It can't, of course, which is why after decades of government subsidies solar and wind only accounts for 2% of the world's energy—with all of that 2% needing fossil fuel backup. You climate worshipers can keep fantasizing, but keep your "political will"—your guns—off of our life-giving fossil, nuclear, and hydro.

The extent to which human industrial activity is affecting climate, and whether or not the affect is good, bad, or neutral, is open to debate. But, whatever the case, the war against fossil fuels is demonstrably bad for man. 

Yet, the mantra of the Citizens Climate Lobby and its ilk boils down to: "To protect man from slightly more intense droughts, floods, cold waves, heat waves, and storms produced by climate change, we need to damage man's ability to cope with the slightly less intense droughts, floods, cold waves, heat waves, and storms of the pre-climate change past. 

Even on the climate worshipers' own premises—that climate change is bad, owes to human activity, and man has the power to reverse climate change and return to the climate of old—their call to roll back energy production and thus industrial progress makes no sense, except to people whose goal is to harm man's well-being.

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