Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Energy Advances Continue

Energy is the vital force without which our industrial economy cannot function, so it is great to know that technological advances continue to expand the amount of energy potentially available to us.  

I've written about the Heroes Driving America's Oil and Gas Boom, based on horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (or fracking).

But, there's more. 

Howard Roerig writes about Lockheed-Martin's development of a radically new fusion reactor that can be economically mass produced and promises to Deliver "Energy for Everyone." The first such reactor could be commercially operational by 2022.

Roerig also delivers good news on environmentalists favorite whipping boy, coal. He enlightens us on the progress of scientists developing a process to Generate Electricity from Coal Without Burning It. "The process gives off no air pollution, and the captured carbon dioxide is ninety-nine percent pure, enough to make it a valuable commodity."

As long as there is a meaningful level of freedom left in our mixed economies, men of reason and inventiveness will continue to thwart the anti-industrial naysayers by finding better, cleaner, more abundant, and more economical forms of energy production to power man's industrial advance toward an ever higher standard and quality of life.

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