Friday, May 24, 2013

Apple's Partriotism Highlights Urgent Need to Abolish the IRS and Institute a Low-Rate Flat Tax

This letter appeared in the New Jersey Star-Ledgeron May 24, 2013:

Disband the IRS
Congress is discussing whether to effectively raise income taxes on Apple. If Congress decides to close tax loopholes, it is imperative it creates an agency other than the IRS to collect these taxes. The American people do not trust the IRS.
Maybe Congress should defund the IRS and install a flat tax instead. That would give the government the same revenue it gets now.
Sanford Aranoff, Monroe Township

I left these comments:

I agree.

Apple acted morally and patriotically by utilizing every available legal means of avoiding taxes. The attacks by power and tax-hungry politicians and statist media is totally unjust. Apple earned their profits by providing billions of consumers worldwide with valuable products they willingly paid for. The politicians simply want to seize Apple's legitmate profits despite the fact they broke no laws.

Disband the IRS. Rather than close "tax loopholes" (raise taxes), we should drastically lower taxes (and compliance costs) for everyone by means of a low-rate flat tax for both individuals and corporations. The injustice against Apple as well as recent events concerning IRS targeting of conservative groups should convince everyone of the threat this massive, corrupt agency poses to our economic and political liberty.

To Apple's critics, I would only add: Anyone who, in the shoes of Apple's management, would have done any differently are either hypocrits or fools.

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