Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mandated Paid Sick Days, Too?

This letter-to-the-editor appeared in the 1/17/13 NJ Star-Ledger:

Sick days   Everyone seems to know someone who has the flu, but we all probably also know someone who has to go to work while sick.   Even worse, years ago I was forced to bring my sick 7-year-old son to work with me. When I called to ask for time off to care for him, I was told that I had to be at work on time. I had little choice, not wanting to risk my job and with no one else to look after him, I grudgingly bundled him up and took him to work.   While today I have advanced in my career, I still do not have access to paid sick days. I find it incredible there is no New Jersey or federal law that guarantees workers access to paid sick days, despite public health advisories recommending sick people stay home. It’s time for our elected officials to make paid sick days a priority in New Jersey. 
Safiyyah Muhammad, East Orange

I left the following comments:

Safiyyah Muhammad’s letter (Sick days) offers a good indication of how deeply the entitlement mentality has corrupted America.

If paid sick days are that important to her, did she ever think of voluntarily negotiating with her employer to include them in her pay package; or seeking employment that offers sick day’s and is more accommodating toward working moms? How about setting aside money in a “rainy day” fund to cover her own sick days (which is exactly what I did during my entire 45 year construction trade career, which offered no paid sick days)?

Perhaps Muhammad’s demand is, in a sense, understandable, given all of the special interest pressure groups flocking around the government honeypot, demanding this or that economic favor at others’ expense. But it is simply wrong to force others to pay for your needs and desires, using the government as your hired gun.

The entitlement mentality is killing America, infecting even otherwise hard-working people.

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