Thursday, February 14, 2013

College Health Insurance Mandate Killed by ObamaCare

It looks like business is not the only entity being pinched by ObamaCare. When even government health insurance mandates start falling victim to ObamaCare, you know it's bad.

In New Jersey, the state senate, at the behest of colleges, passed a bill to repeal a law mandating all college students in the state have health insurance. Why?

College officials are pushing lawmakers to kill the law because the implementation of Obamacare is driving up the cost of the basic health insurance plans offered to uninsured students by their schools. The jump in premiums — from a few hundred dollars this school year to more than $1,700 next year in some cases — could force some students to drop out.

The senate vote was 32-3 for repeal, with the state assembly set to take up the bill next.

This rollback of statism would be a bit of encouraging news, but for the reason. Perhaps free marketeers can take some solace from the spectacle of the government being hoist by its own petard. But, I doubt it. Real progress would mean repealing both ObamaCare and the NJ mandat

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