Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Truth About Robin Hood

In a recent NJ Star-Ledger letter-to-the-editor, Walter A. Korfmacher praised the paper's 8/20/12 editorial,     A Moral Choice on the Ryan Budget. He concluded:

It is clear Ryan is no fan of Robin Hood. On the contrary, the Ryan budget would take money from the poor in order to give money to the rich.
Korfmacher apparently doesn't know the difference between  earning money and not earning it--between a thief and his victims. I left the following comment:

Actually, Walter A. Korfmacher, Ryan is more of a fan of Robin Hood than Obama—the real Robin Hood, that is. The real Robin Hood is not the Robin Hood of today’s legend. Robin Hood lived at a time when looting rulers got rich by robbing the poor masses. He was a champion of justice and property, taking from the looters and giving back to their victims. 
Today’s Robin Hood myth stands for something entirely different—something sinister and evil—taking from those who earned it against their will and giving the loot to those who didn’t. Today, except for criminals and government favor-seekers, money is made through productive work and trade. One man’s riches do not come out of another man’s hide, but by enriching others—by providing life-enhancing products and services to others in exchange for their money. This is self-evident every time you trade your dollars for something you didn’t yourself produce, or put in an honest day’s work for pay. 
Ryan at least has some respect for the victims of today’s version of the looting ruler—the welfare statists. By attempting to slow down the runaway redistribution of wealth from the productive to the non-productive, Ryan is taking a page from Robin Hood’s reverence for justice and property rights. It’s time to kill the evil Robin Hood myth, and hail the real Robin Hood. Though far from perfect, I’ll be casting my vote for Romney/Ryan. It’s by far the better moral choice

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