Friday, June 15, 2012

Trouble Brewing for Louisiana's Private Schools?

My June 12, 2012 post at the Objective Standard Blog opens with:

Louisiana has passed a bill establishing in the state the broadest school voucher system in America to date. Under the plan, all of Louisiana’s school children are eligible for full or partial state-issued private school tuition vouchers up to $8,800, the current annual per-pupil cost of the state’s government-run schools.

Read the rest of Louisiana's Voucher Plan to De-Privatize Private Schools.

For more, read:

The Voucher Trojan Horse


Mike Kevitt said...

Nothing forcing pvt. schs. to chomp down on the bate. Any reason they should? If they do, they're making their own trouble.

Mike LaFerrara said...


True, no private school is literally compelled to participate in the program. But indirectly, they are. What kind of competitive position does the program put non-participating schools in? How many parents will choose--or even be able to afford--to forgo the voucher money, and send (or keep) their children in schools that don’t accept vouchers, thus paying the full cost out-of-pocket?

The freedom not to “chomp down on the bate” is a hollow option. Considering the broad, almost universal nature of the voucher program, few if any private schools are likely to survive--longer term--outside of the voucher program.