Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Soviet-Style Education

Here is the opening semtence from my latest post at The Objective Standard Blog, Soviet-Style Test Question Highlights Dangers of Government-Run Schools:

Many New Jersey parents were recently shocked to learn that their state’s standardized student test contained a question asking students “to reveal a secret about their lives [and] explain why it was hard to keep.”

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Mike Kevitt said...

What kind of a school test asks students to reveal secrets? In a rational culture, a student with a little brains will answer by refusing to reveal any secrets because then they won't be secrets, or he will claim to have no secrets. Such a student might say it's hard to keep a secret because people who think he has one keep asking him to tell it. In a rational culture, anybody will be asked to reveal secrets at various times and places, but not students in a school test.