Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Government Rationing vs. the Free Market

My latest post at The Objective Standard Blog deals with an issue that Americans must grasp. A reader posted this comment to my 4/19/12 piece, ObamaCare and the Statists' False Alternative:

Even without a national healthcare plan the old person is taking a finite amount of time away from the possibility of the doctor working on a younger patient. Therefore rationing is inevitable in any system. Rationing has to take place. It is only fair to allow the rationing to take place through a democracy and not at the whim of a doctor or the pocket book of those who can pay.
Read my explanation of the crucial Difference between Voluntary Exchange and Rationing in Healthcare.

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Mike Kevitt said...

This reader is equivocating betweem the whim of bureaucrats and the decisions of doctors, and between the pocket books of those who can pay and the money collected by taxation. I'll read your TOS post, now.