Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best of 2011

Here are a few of my favorite posts of the past year:

"Responsibility Depends on Individual Rights"

In the Spirit of “Compromise”, How About a Flat Tax? - I go on record in support of a flat rate income tax.

"The Message of Christ" and New Jersey's Education wars, on the hypocracy of the public school defenders.

Cohen: Hate-Crime Laws are "Totalitarian Nonsense" - more on a crucially important issue.

Social Security and the "Hypocrisy" Charge - addressing the statist extortionists.

What is the "Key" to Job Creation? talks a bit about the nature of real - i.e. remunerative - job creation, and their source.

Does Freedom Equal "The Wild West"? - another statist trap exposed.

America: A Nation of Sacrifice? - If America is to survive long-term, it is the notion of sacrifice as a virtue that must be challenged and defeated.

Welfare Statists Circle the Wagons - A key issue of the 2012 election campaign will likely be the "wealth gap", which is an outgrowth of the primitive idea discussed in Challenging the Tribal Premise.

PSA Testing: Are Death Panels Arriving Under Cover of “Scientific Evidence”? and and Forbes: "Death Panels ... We already have one" expose the way in which health care rationing will be smuggled in.

“Occupy Wall Street” Sharpens the Ideological Battle Lines - My first take on OWS.

America's Core: Liberty, or Compromise? - Freedom's defenders must recognize that the "virtue" of compromise ends at principle's door.

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