Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best of 2010

Below is a compilation of some of some of my favorite essays of the past year, representing a decent cross-section of subjects covered.

Aborting "CO2 Machines" - Covers the terrifying implications of the EPA's new power to regulate carbon dioxide.

Gay Marriage and Individual Rights analyses this contraversial issue as it relates to America's Founding ideals.

In Defense of Special Interests - and the Constitution
and Are Media Corporations Next? examines how the calls to reign in "special interests" is an attack on the First Ammendment.

"Regulating" Business - the Good and the Bad examines the basic difference between the regulatory state and the proper function of government.

The Tea Party Movement - A Progress Report examines the promise and the threats the movement faces in its second year, as I see it.

The Voucher Trojan Horse briefly examines the perils of government vouchers and the promise of tax credits as a means of financing parental school choice.

The BP Gulf Disaster: the Proximate vs. the Ultimate Cause examines the role of government interference into the insurance market in the BP oil disaster.

NJ's "Affordable Housing Crisis" - It's the Zoning, Stupid! examines a key fundamental cause of high housing prices in NJ, and its consequences.

Rand Paul, Title 2, and the Importance of Principles is my favorite post of the year, because it is my difinitive statement on the importance of principles in human affairs.

OBushonomics vs. Gilliganomics examines the nature of Keynesian economics and why it is always doomed to failure. In this post, I explicitly reject the absurdity called "macroeconomics", a position recently echoed by Steve Forbes, who stated that "the whole idea of macroeconomics is a fraud".

Extremists vs. the Moderates: Why the Left Keeps Winning, and the Right has been Powerless to Stop It and Obama's North Star examines the philosophical nature of the battle between Left and Right in America, and how consistency counts.

The GOP Grabs a Tiger by the Tail briefly gives my take on the 2010 mid-term elections.

Ayn Rand: Tea Party Voice of the Founding Fathers examines why the Left seeks to drive Ayn Rand out of the Tea Party Movement, and why the movement desperately needs Ayn Rand.

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