Friday, January 22, 2010

"The Declaration of Independents"

Through his organization Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine (FIRM), Dr. Paul Hsieh has worked tirelessly to defeat ObamaCare and promote the only viable alternative - a free market in medicine. Largely due to his efforts and the inspiration he has given to so many others (including yours truly), we defenders of Lady Liberty have blown a mammoth hole in the Democrats' seemingly unstoppable drive toward socialized medicine.

As I've said before, the Brown stunner was a Tea Party phenomenon, which is a movement by and for Independents. The Tea Party Movement is now firmly entrenched in the electoral process. Republican gubernatorial victors in Virginia and New Jersey carried the Independent vote by 2 - 1 margins, and Scott Brown grabbed an astounding 3/4 of the Independent vote in Massachusetts.

Investor's Business Daily's Terry Jones calls Independents a true third party, broadly defined by economic and social freedom. They are currently the largest and fastest growing voting bloc, as Americans increasingly abandon the bankrupt major parties.

In light of these developments, Dr. Hsieh has published his latest op-ed. Taking a break from the subject of healthcare, he offers his take on the recent elections in a cleverly, and aptly, titled piece, Brown’s Victory: The Declaration of Independents.

His concluding remarks offer advice and a warning to the Republicans, if they are to capitalize on the powerful grassroots forces now unleashed:

"From the tea party protests to the polling booths, independents have been declaring that they want a limited government that protects individual rights.

The Republicans have won an important victory in Massachusetts — one that will reverberate throughout the country as the 2010 election cycle heats up. But they shouldn’t get overconfident.

If Republicans choose to run on a platform of limited government, economic freedom, and individual rights, then they will retain the support of the independents and win. But if they take these recent election victories as a mandate to promote a divisive “social issues” agenda, then they’ll once again drive away the independents and lose.

The independents have spoken — and they want the Democrats out of their pockets and the Republicans out of their bedrooms.

Will our politicians listen?"

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