Monday, February 23, 2015

Moral Equivocation: CIA "Torture" vs. Cuban Repression

A political cartoon by Pat Bagley represents one of the worst displays of moral equivocation I have ever seen.

The cartoon portrays the GOP as hypocritical for defending CIA “torture” while simultaneously condemning Cuba’s human rights violations. But the “torture” was directed at Islamic terrorists, the leading edge of a movement that is waging full-scale war on civilization in order to impose a worldwide totalitarian Islamic theocracy. The Islamic totalitarian movement has explicitly renounced human rights, the rule of law, and civilization. In so doing—and as long as they continue their war of imperialist Islamic aggression—they forfeit any claim to recognition of their human rights or to normal due process of law.

The Cuban government is itself a totalitarian state run by terrorists, in this case communist terrorists. Likewise, Cuba’s rulers, who have been waging war on the Cuban people for half a century, forfeit all claim to recognition of their human rights. Islamic and communist tactics and ideological goals may be different. But, morally, there is no difference between Islamic terrorists and Cuban Communist rulers. Both are systematic, ideologically driven violators of human—i.e., individual—rights.

The GOP is morally consistent—and right—in both defending CIA tactics and condemning Cuba’s dictatorship. In both cases, the GOP is condemning human rights violators. The GOP’s moral clarity stands in sharp contrast to Pat Bagley and the Star-Ledger, who apparently draw no moral distinction between human rights violators and their victims.

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