Sunday, January 17, 2010

Election Update

The fallout from the Democrats’ corrupt buy-off of the Union special interest group, which I alluded to yesterday, has begun.

Posting over at Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine (FIRM), Paul Hsieh reports: “Even the normally liberal Denver Post has come out against the ObamaCare proposal.”

Quoting from the Post’s editorial:

“From the wildly improper gifts to senators like Nebraska's Ben Nelson to this week's backroom deals for unions, the so-called health care reform emerging from Washington has become bad medicine for America and ought to be rejected. Quickly.

“Unbelievably, the bill got even worse this past week when lawmakers agreed to exempt union workers from paying taxes that other workers will have to pay for years.”

Hsieh concludes:

“I'm glad to see that the corrupt favor-trading and deal-making has become so apparent that even supporters of "universal health care" are against this particular bad proposal.

“If by some political miracle ObamaCare is defeated, another version will inevitably be proposed. But at least it will have bought more time for free-market advocates to continue to make their case to the American people and our elected officials.”

That’s what we’re fighting for right now – time.

Unfortunately, the Democrats’ corruption is matched only by the Republicans’ inept failure to seize the Tea Party Moment and put forth a genuine, comprehensive free market health care reform alternative that includes rolling back existing problem-causing government policies.

As to the union deal, let me say that as a lifelong union member, I am utterly appalled at this deal the so-called union leaders forged with the Democrats. They’re supposed to be defending the interests of their members. But this deal is blatantly un-American, as it makes a mockery of the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution (Amendment XIV, Section I) which says that “No state [shall] deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” It’s clear that the intent of the 14th Amendment is not limited to state laws. Cornell University Law School says that:

“The 14th amendment is not by its terms applicable to the federal government. Actions by the federal government, however, that classify individuals in a discriminatory manner will, under similar circumstances, violate the due process of the Fifth Amendment.”

A union that tramples the US Constitution is not looking out for the rights or interests of its members. I oppose the tax on so-called “Cadillac health insurance plans”, but the larger issue is that even a bad law must be applied uniformly if our freedom is to be protected from arbitrary government power, an essential ingredient of tyranny. The Post puts it simply:

“Unions bitterly opposed the Senate's tax on the so-called "Cadillac" health insurance plans that many union workers enjoy. In private meetings with the White House and President Obama this week, union chiefs won a deal in which workers with high-end insurance don't have to pay the tax for five years.

“The reasoning is that union members need the time to negotiate with management for contracts that adjust for the new taxes. Fair enough, but why doesn't that protection apply equally for those workers who aren't members of unions?”

The obvious influence peddling is sure to sway even more voters into the Brown column, or at least into the stay-at-home, disgusted voter column. A Massachusetts Miracle that blows up ObamaCare is a real possibility.

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